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To push exp. Will have the main drive to exp.Nett's pyramid is a four-tiered monster using 10 waves. By the end of the assignment, the participant gains about 2M + at a level that is catastrophic. And the prize is a piece of MS2 Mesos gold leaf or clothes. (The game will probably be random).3.2 Star force field at level 100+. Players may choose to up to the max. But for the author to be 555+ around 45-50 celebrities, but really down to opt for the present push at the existing Star Terrace 1 or 2 (information from Maplestory M community Thailand) provided. The cash and exp is in a decent quantity.

The Star Force area is pushed to sleep since bots will be automatically released by 555 + most in the late hours. Leave it to sleep until the automated strike will accumulate a maximum of 360 minutes, leaving up to 6 hours for the strain of the force field.

4. Down the store. I use it and save it. This push will let the player down . Can not party. There are prizes. This really is a pressure for downing alone and requiring tickets to perform.4.4 Mu Lung Dojo is the strain to hit the boss. Push on down this .

Play will have the benefit of the activities. The player attempts to hit the mission's conditions, it keep and is going to play the game . The trick is not to miss is Auto-battle that cost 2 hours every day.For this report. This is the way it mmogdp is. Hope the guide will benefit not or more for all readers. And meet again with the article.

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