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League Activity

Keep your League active and earn big Rewards. Coming soon.

League Activity is a new feature that rewards dedicated Leagues for their service to Darkshine.

The League Activity Level is determined by the percentage of League Members that are Active. An Active Member is one who has logged into the game within the last 14 days.

When League Activity has reached a certain Level, each League Member will receive a Reward – the higher the Activity Level, the better the Reward will be.

Rewards will be recalculated daily, meaning you can earn new Rewards by keeping your League Activity high. However, if you do not claim any earned Rewards from the League interface within 24 hours, they will disappear.

IMPORTANT: When League Activity Level drops below a certain level, a 14-day timer will begin to count down. If it reaches zero and your League is still below the required level, the League will be permanently dismissed.

The best way to avoid this is to encourage your League Marshal to remove inactive Members from your League and to help recruit as many Active Members as possible.

League Activity also applies to League Marshals. A countdown will begin if a League Marshal has been Inactive for a long period of time. If they do not return before the timer finishes, the League Marshal position will be passed on to the League Member of the next highest Rank who logged in most recently.

Stand united with your League. Log in every day and earn valuable Rewards.

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