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Lords and Ladies of Stormfall,

Here is an FAQ to get you started in our new feature: Champions. If the information here doesn’t answer a particular question, leave it in a comment below.

What are Champions? Why do I need them?
Champions are special Units. Each one has Skills that give different boosts to your Castle and armies. This is different from Legendary Units, which improve the statistics of only a certain number of Units.

Improve Champions to get even better Bonuses from their Skills. Collect them to make sure you have the right Champions for your strategies.

Can I select any Champion to send with a squad?
No. Each Champion has its own Type. There are 12 Types of Champions:
1. Castle Defense
2. Raids
3. Hamlet Defense
4. Hamlet Offense (Attacks only)
5. Beacon Defense
6. Beacon Offense
7. League Fortress Defense
8. League Fortress Offense
9. Spying
10. Gold & Iron Production
11. Food & Iron Production
12. Food & Gold Production

As an example, when you attack a Beacon you would only be able to send a “Beacon Offense” Champion to boost your Units.

What affects the power of Champion bonuses?
- Level. The max Level a Champion can reach is 40.
- Rank. This is represented by the stars on your Champion’s portrait. The max Rank is 6.
- Enlightenment. This is represented by a number on the top right of your Champion’s portrait. There are 5 stages of Enlightenment, and each one boosts all the Skills of your Champion. A Rank 5 or 6 Champion can only reach their highest Level with full Enlightenment.
- Skill Level. There are 5 levels for each Skill. You can boost a single random Skill by using an Orb in the Shrine of Summoning. (Champion tab, then Skills tab)

Champions also have Grades from I to V. Grade I and II Champions are the weakest. It is recommended to sacrifice these Champions in the Upgrade tab to strengthen higher Grade Champions.

A Champion's Element also affects how it fights against enemy Champions. If your Champion's Element is Water, and it is fighting against a Champion with a Fire Element, it will gain a 25% Skill boost.

How do I level up my Champion?
You will need Champion XP to level up. Fighting the Undead with a Champion will earn XP for them. Sacrificing unneeded Champions can also give XP to a selected Champion.

How do I improve my Champion’s Rank?
You must first get your Champion to the highest Level its current Rank allows. You then sacrifice Champions of the same Rank as the chosen Champion.

The amount of Champions you sacrifice must be equal to the current Rank of your Champion. For example, a Rank 2 Champion must have two Rank 2 Champions sacrificed for it to reach Rank 3.

After the Rank is improved, your Champion’s Level is reset. You must get them up to the highest Level available again to reach the next Rank.

Can Champions die if they lose a fight?
No. Champions cannot die, and will only disappear from your Collection if you sacrifice them.

Champions can become stunned if they lose in PvP. A stunned status leaves them inactive for a certain length of time.

Champions will not be stunned if they lose a fight against the Undead. However, fighting the Undead depletes your Energy. If your Energy runs out you can wait for it to recharge by itself, or use Champion Stones to recharge it instantly.

An Undead’s HP does not replenish if you run out of Energy before the battle is over. You can finish it off later once your Energy has been recharged with the same Champion or a different one.

What are Champion Stones? Where do I get them?
Champion Stones are a Premium Resource. They can be exchanged for Summoning Bonds, Champion XP Boosts, and more.

During your first 7 days of playing the feature, you will receive some Champion Stones for getting your Champions to the highest Level available for their current Rank.

How should I choose a Champion to use against the Undead?
Each Undead has an amount of HP, and each of your Champions has its own Attack Power.

If the Champion’s Attack Power is greater than the Undead’s HP, the Champion will defeat the Undead and receive all possible Champion XP and the final reward. Pay attention to an Undead’s remaining HP and the Attack Power of your Champions to choose wisely.

What do I get by fighting the Undead?
You will always receive Champion XP, but there is also a chance to get Energy and Summoning Bonds.

You can view your received Rewards in the Undead tab, within the Grand Marshal’s Reports.

Is it possible to get Holy Summoning Bonds from Undead rewards?
Yes. These will allow you to summon Grade IV to V Champions.

Any extra tips to share about Champions?
Send low-Level Champions to deliver the final strikes to weakened Undead. If the difference between the Undead’s Level and the Champion’s Level is large, the final strike will earn a huge amount of Champion XP.

Use this method to level up your weaker Champions faster.

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