Dellers beginners tips & tricks part 1

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Hello all

This is the beginners tips & tricks part 1.
Today i will give 5 tips & tricks.

1. Daily quests
You can earn food, iron, gold, experience and wisdom points with doing daily quest. Try to sign atleast a couple times a day to do your daily quest.

2. Catacomb troops
All troops in your catacomb are safe from attacks. Thats why you always send your offensive units to catacomb. Don't leave all your defensive units outside. Best is to have only 10-40% of your defensive troops outside.

3. League
League is very important in this game. Try to find a league that you like the most and dont join the strongest leagues at the begining. Most of them demand too much and that will not be easy for a beginner. League members will help you with your questions or if you have some trouble with a player. With the new update you can ask resources to your league members and they can shorten your lost art and building upgrades time with development help.

4. Troop types
You have 3 kind of troops: offensive, defensive and spies.
Offensive: use them only if you attack
Defensive: use them only for defense
Spies: you can use spies to spy on a castle or counter spies that are trying to spy on you

5. Underestimate
Never underestimate your enemy. This is very important. I saw many people underestimate there enemy and then lose everything they did build up.

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24 Apr 2017 00:03

Thank you Dellers. This is very helpful.

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